Elena Polagaeva

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At the crustacean neuromuscular junction, facilitation elicited by a repetitive stimulation reaches a plateau level that is proportional to the stimulation frequency. In the present study we demonstrated that plateau facilitation (F(plateau)) does not depend on Ca(2+) manipulations. We manipulated Ca(2+) concentration in the following ways: (1) applying(More)
1. At the crustacean neuromuscular junction, action potential-evoked neurosecretion increases in proportion to stimulation frequency, a process termed frequency facilitation. In the present study we examined how frequency facilitation is affected by osmotic pressure. 2. Hypertonic solution (HS) was applied by local superfusion of the synaptic area. Quantal(More)
A new approach to estimation of quantal release distribution of transmitter under conditions of high synaptic activity is presented. Postsynaptic responses of neuromuscular excitatory synapse in muscle-opener of nipper of the lobster, which are obtained by focal extracellular recording, are used as original data set. Based on two data groups (value of(More)
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