Elena Pastorino

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I investigate the effect of Affirmative Action in higher education on both study effort choice and college placement outcomes for high school students. I model college admissions as a Bayesian game where heterogeneous students compete for seats at colleges and universities of varying prestige. There is an allocation mechanism mapping each student’s achieved(More)
We study a structural model of college admissions framed as a contest between a continuum of students for enrollment in a continuum of colleges where the contest outcome is decided by the students’ choice of human capital (HC). Students have private information about their learning costs, and colleges have heterogeneous, observable qualities. Our(More)
This research investigated Erikson's theory that adolescent identity exploration is associated with a variety of symptoms, such as fluctuations in ego strength, mood swings, rebelliousness, and heightened physical complaints. A sample of 82 high school students completed the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) and the Ego-Identity Interview.(More)
Gender comparisons were conducted in six social domains of identity development on 210 college students: occupation, religion, politics, dating, sex roles, and friendship. The identity research literature often combines domains to create more global estimates of identity development. Such an approach may obscure differences among the domains, each of which(More)
This paper studies the dispute resolution process with special emphasis on the dynamic patterns of litigation and settlement as well as the legal costs incurred and associated payments. I propose a dynamic bargaining model of dispute resolution with learning, estimate the model using micro data on medical malpractice disputes, and use the estimated model to(More)
During the Great Recession, regions of the United States that experienced the largest declines in household debt also experienced the largest drops in consumption, employment, and wages. Employment declines were larger in the nontradable sector and for firms that were facing the worst credit conditions. Motivated by these findings, we develop a search and(More)
This paper develops and structurally estimates a labor market model that integrates job assignment, learning, and human capital acquisition to account for the main patterns of careers in firms. A key innovation is that the model incorporates workers’ job mobility within and between firms, and the possibility that, through job assignment, firms affect the(More)
In order to analyze careers both within and across firms, this paper proposes a matching model of the labor market that extends existing models of job assignment and learning about workers’ abilities. The model accounts for worker mobility across jobs and firms, for varying degrees of generality of ability, and for the possibility that firms affect the(More)
This paper presents a model of business cycles driven by shocks to agents’ beliefs about economic fundamentals. Agents are hit both by common and idiosyncratic shocks. Common shocks act as confidence shocks, which cause economy-wide optimism or pessimism and consequently, aggregate fluctuations in real variables. Idiosyncratic shocks generate dispersed(More)
We analyze commitment to employment in an environment in which an infinitely lived firm faces a sequence of finitely lived workers who differ in their ability to produce output. A worker’s ability is initially unknown to both the worker and the firm. A worker’s effort affects the information on ability conveyed by his performance. We characterize equilibria(More)