Elena Ossi

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The interactions between two essential metals, Cu and Zn, and the localization and concentration of metallothionein have been studied in rat liver and kidney. Rats receiving daily intraperitoneal injections of Cu for 3 days, or Zn for 2 days, or Cu for 3 days followed by Zn for 2 days, were sacrificed 24, 72, 120 h after the final injection. Our data(More)
Urinary excretion of gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase, angiotensin I converting enzyme, beta-galactosidase and N-acetyl-beta-glucosaminidase was evaluated in 30 patients with idiopathic calcium oxalate urolithiasis. Higher than normal values were observed and the excretory enzyme pattern suggested tubular damage in patients with stones. A parallel study in the(More)
BACKGROUND Some patients with cryoglobulinemic syndrome (CS) develop frank non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL), but the incidence and timing of this event are still poorly defined. METHODS A retrospective multicenter study was performed of hepatitis C virus-positive patients with CS observed in 11 Italian centers belonging to the Italian Group for the Study of(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this review was to define a core set of recommendations for the treatment of HCV-associated mixed cryoglobulinemia syndrome (MCS) by combining current evidence from clinical trials and expert opinion. METHODS Expert physicians involved in studying and treating patients with MCS formulated statements after discussing the(More)
Sarcoidosis is a multisystem disease characterized by enhanced immune responses at sites of involvement. For this reason, an immunohistological study using monoclonal antibodies against T-cell subpopulations was carried out in order to evaluate the topographic distribution of immunocompetent cells in tissue sections obtained from a variety of involved(More)
Chronic peritoneal dialysis results in fibrosis of the peritoneal membrane, which leads to progressive reduction in dialytic efficacy. It was recently shown that the intraperitoneal administration of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) improves the efficiency of peritoneal dialysis in CAPD patients. To verify whether the favorable effects of GAGs are purely(More)
BACKGROUND Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and colorectal surgery are risk factors for deep venous thrombosis (DVT). The aim of this prospective study was to evaluate the effectiveness of standardized prophylactic low molecular weight heparin (LMWH) therapy in patients who underwent surgery for ulcerative colitis (UC) and Crohn's disease (CD). PATIENTS(More)
Immunohistologic studies were performed on autopsy tissues of 2 patients with systemic lupus erythematosus. All tissues examined--the kidney, lung, spleen, liver, intestine, peritoneum, and choroid plexus--contained immune deposits. Antinuclear antibody concentration in immunoglobulin G eluted from lung and spleen tissue was higher than in serum(More)
We have recently described heterogeneity in renal structure in non-insulin-dependent diabetic patients (NIDDM) with microalbuminuria (MA; defined as albumin excretion rate from 20 to 200 micrograms/min). Thus, at variance with IDDM patients, "typical" diabetic glomerulopathy by light microscopy is observed only in a third of NIDDM with MA (Category II,(More)