Elena Osipova

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A new approach is proposed for studying cell deformability by centrifugal force, electrical properties of cell membranes in a high electric field, and for performing efficient cell electrofusion. Suspensions of cells (L929 and four other cell types examined) are centrifuged in special chambers, thus forming compact cell pellets in the gap between the(More)
The high environmental levels of foreign chemical substances and the inadequate intake of both essential nutrients, such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and micronutrients, such as minerals, vitamins, and trace elements, in half of the examined children and adolescents promoted a rise in the incidence of chronic noncommunicable diseases in 2005-2009(More)
The paper presents experience with sanitary education of workers from food industrial enterprises. The study revealed a number of disadvantages of the methodological aspect of sanitary education of these workers. A sanitary education programme has been worked out for workers engaged in food and food processing industries (production of bread, baked goods,(More)
The outcomes of a survey research completed in the workers of public catering facilities in two large cities of the Russian Federation are presented which show that the system of hygienic training for this occupational group of the population needs updating. This includes improving the programs and teaching and learning materials, as well as developing(More)
The article presents the experience of the work on the sanitary education of the workers of the milk industry plants in Moscow and Moscow Province. The Institute's specialists had worked out basing on the studied experience the program of the full-time and external differential sanitary education of the workers of the milk industry which was approved by the(More)
Wilderness areas are ecologically intact landscapes predominantly free of human uses, especially industrial scale activities, which result in significant biophysical disturbance. This definition does not exclude indigenous peoples and local communities who live in wilderness areas, depending on them for subsistence, and who have developed deep bio-cultural(More)
Through socio-hygienic monitoring of the Northern administrative district of Moscow in 2006-2010 the study of nutritional status and morbidity rates for alimentary-associated diseases of the digestive tract, the endocrine system, cardiovascular diseases and obesity - was conducted in children (5-11 years old), adolescents (12-16 years old) and adult(More)