Elena O'Keeffe

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Nitrate (NO(3)) loss from arable systems to surface and groundwater has attracted considerable attention in recent years in Ireland. Little information exists under Irish conditions, which are wet and temperate, on the effects of winter cover crops and different tillage techniques on NO(3) leaching. This study investigated the efficacy of such practices in(More)
On the basis of our research, the GDV does not seem to possess any specific medical diagnostic capability. It does identify individuals who are ill more frequently than expected by chance and it relates to some traditional physiological measures of health, but some seriously ill individuals revealed normal GDV images. The GDV does display very significant(More)
Bovine galactosyltransferase has been shown to have two metal binding sites. The functional properties of these metal binding sites have been established by using kinetic, spectroscopic, and affinity chromatographic approaches. Metal site I, which is involved in maintaining the structural integrity of the protein, must be liganded prior to other substrates(More)
Bovine alpha-lactalbumin has been dansylated to give an enzymatically fully active, highly fluorescent derivative. This derivative is uniquely labeled on the N-terminal glutamic acid residue of alpha-lactalbumin. This fluorescent derivative of alpha-lactalbumin has been covalently cross-linked to galacto-syltransferase by using dimethyl pimelimidate.(More)
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