Elena N. Tsiok

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In this paper we present a simulation study of water-like anomalies in core-softened system introduced in our previous papers. We investigate the anomalous regions for a system with the same functional form of the potential but with different parameters and show that the order of the region of anomalous diffusion and the region of density anomaly is(More)
We present the molecular dynamics study of benzene molecules confined into the single wall carbon nanotube. The local structure and orientational ordering of benzene molecules are investigated. It is found that the molecules mostly group in the middle distance from the axis of the tube to the wall. The molecules located in the vicinity of the wall(More)
In the present paper, using a molecular dynamics simulation, we study a nature of melting of a two-dimensional (2D) system of classical particles interacting through a purely repulsive isotropic core-softened potential which is used for the qualitative description of the anomalous behavior of water and some other liquids. We show that the melting scenario(More)
Recent advance in understanding the supercritical state posits the existence of a new line above the critical point separating two physically distinct states of matter: rigid liquid and non-rigid gas-like fluid. The location of this line, the Frenkel line, remains unknown for important real systems. Here, we map the Frenkel line on the phase diagram of(More)
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