Elena N. Tsiok

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We present a computer simulation study of the phase behavior of two-dimensional (2D) classical particles repelling each other through an isotropic core-softened potential. As in the analogous three-dimensional (3D) case, a reentrant-melting transition occurs upon compression for not too high pressures, along with a spectrum of waterlike anomalies in the(More)
In the present paper we propose a van der Waals-like model that allows a purely analytical study of fluid properties including the equation of state, phase behavior, and supercritical fluctuations. We take a square-well system as an example and calculate its liquid-gas transition line and supercritical fluctuations. Employing this model allows us to(More)
The locus of extrema (ridges) for heat capacity, thermal expansion coefficient, compressibility, and density fluctuations for model particle systems with Lennard-Jones (LJ) potential in the supercritical region have been obtained. It was found that the ridges for different thermodynamic values virtually merge into a single Widom line at T < 1.1T(c) and P <(More)
In this paper we present a simulation study of water-like anomalies in core-softened system introduced in our previous papers. We investigate the anomalous regions for a system with the same functional form of the potential but with different parameters and show that the order of the region of anomalous diffusion and the region of density anomaly is(More)
Recently, we have proposed a new dynamic line on the phase diagram in the supercritical region, the Frenkel line. Crossing the line corresponds to the radical changes of system properties. Here, we focus on the dynamics of model Lennard-Jones and soft-sphere fluids. We show that the location of the line can be rigorously and quantitatively established on(More)
Supercritical fluids are widely used in a number of important technological applications, yet the theoretical progress in the field has been rather moderate. Fairly recently, a new understanding of the liquidlike and gaslike properties of supercritical fluids has come to the fore, particularly with the advent of the Widom and Frenkel lines that aim to(More)
In the present article we carry out a molecular dynamics study of the core-softened system and show that the existence of the water-like anomalies in this system depends on the trajectory in P-ρ-T space along which the behavior of the system is studied. For example, diffusion and structural anomalies are visible along isotherms as a function of density, but(More)
Some fluids are known to behave anomalously. The so-called structural anomaly which means that the fluid becomes less structures under isothermal compression is among the most frequently discussed ones. Several methods for quantifying the degree of structural order are described in the literature and are used for calculating the region of structural(More)
Recent advance in understanding the supercritical state posits the existence of a new line above the critical point separating two physically distinct states of matter: rigid liquid and non-rigid gas-like fluid. The location of this line, the Frenkel line, remains unknown for important real systems. Here, we map the Frenkel line on the phase diagram of(More)
We present a simulation study of density, structural, and diffusion anomalies in a core-softened system, a remarkable model liquid that exhibits anomalous properties seen in tetrahedral liquids such as silica and water. It is widely believed that core-softened potentials demonstrate waterlike sequence of anomalies. Here, we show that the order of the region(More)