Elena Myasnyankina

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Protein aggregation is a hallmark of many neurodegenerative diseases. RNA chaperones have been suggested to play a role in protein misfolding and aggregation. Noncoding, highly structured RNA recently has been demonstrated to facilitate transformation of recombinant and cellular prion protein into proteinase K-resistant, congophilic, insoluble aggregates(More)
We studied the fertility of D. melanogaster females heterozygous for the dominant temperature sensitive mutation l(2)M167 DTS , which exerts a recessive lethal effect at 25°C, under the conditions of stable temperature regimes 25, 28, and 29°C and changing regimes 25 → 29°C and 29 → 25°C. It was shown that inhibition of total activity of oogenesis due to a(More)
The hsp70 genes is among the main systems underlying the adaptation of organisms to adverse environmental factors. The ever increasing amount of data in literature demonstrates an important adaptive role of mobile genetic elements in microevolution. Drosophila hsp70 genes are potential target for transpositions of various mobile elements in natural(More)
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