Elena Molina Pacheco

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Whether or not eyelid position changes are caused by vertical rectus muscle surgery is controversial and poorly understood. We reviewed pre- and postoperative photographs of patients who underwent recession or resection of one or more vertical rectus muscles in a 10-year period. A change in eyelid position occurred frequently with vertical rectus muscle(More)
Limited data exist on the recovery of ocular motility after adjustable suture strabismus surgery performed under local anesthesia. The timing of adjustment has been chosen empirically and has varied widely. We sought to more precisely quantify the recovery of motility by measuring ductions before and after surgery with a modified arc perimeter. Twenty-one(More)
Complete fibrovascular ingrowth of the hydroxyapatite ocular implant is necessary for peg drilling, the secondary procedure that couples the mobile sphere to the ocular prosthesis providing it with motility. This study was conducted to determine the usefulness of the bone scan for the evaluation and relative quantification of the vascularization of(More)
PURPOSE Metastatic melanoma to the extraocular muscles is an extremely rare condition characterized by marked enlargement of the involved muscles. The authors describe the echographic characteristics of metastatic melanoma to extraocular muscles. METHODS The authors used standardized echography (standardized A-scan and contact B-scan) to examine two(More)
OBJECTIVES To report the histopathological and bone scan characteristics of the stages of hydroxyapatite fibrovascular integration and to consider the implications for the timing of peg drilling in a primate model. DESIGN Three monkeys received hydroxyapatite implants covered only anteriorly with a fascia lata button to which the rectus muscles were(More)
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