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A disbalance of pro- and antiinflammatory cytokines can negatively affect the early stages of human embryogenesis. The association between polymorphism of cytokine genes (–31C-T IL1β,–174G-C IL6,–308G-A TNFα, and–592C-A and–819C-T IL10) and pregnancy loss was studied. The analysis was performed on DNA samples from two groups of women with pregnancy loss:(More)
In the present study, the frequencies of genotypes and alleles of candidate genes with respect to polymorphisms associated with increased pregnancy loss in the first trimester of pregnancy, including MMP1–1607insG, MMP9 A–8202G, and TIMP1 С536T, were reported. The frequency of homozygotes for allele MMP9 A–8202 was increased by a factor of two among women(More)
Oxidative status-based interactomic profiling is a promising approach for fundamental integrative cell biology, diagnostics, and therapy. However, this approach has been neither utilized as a method nor tested as a tool. Thus, we aimed (1) to develop an oxidative status pathway state assessment-based analytical procedure relying on NFE2L2/AP1 pathway(More)
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