Elena Martin-Garcia

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Pregnenolone is considered the inactive precursor of all steroid hormones, and its potential functional effects have been largely uninvestigated. The administration of the main active principle of Cannabis sativa (marijuana), Δ(9)-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), substantially increases the synthesis of pregnenolone in the brain via activation of the type-1(More)
BACKGROUND The delta opioid receptor (DOR) is broadly expressed throughout the nervous system; it regulates chronic pain, emotional responses, motivation, and memory. Neural circuits underlying DOR activities have been poorly explored by genetic approaches. We used conditional mouse mutagenesis to elucidate receptor function in GABAergic neurons of the(More)
Allopregnanolone (AlloP), GABA(A) positive modulator, has efficacy as anticonvulsant. In contrast, nicotine and pregnenolone sulfate (PregS) act as potent convulsants. The present study aims to evaluate whether a promnesic dose of PregS and/or an anxiolytic dose of AlloP administered in the hippocampus can affect the audiogenic seizures induced by nicotine(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies have shown that 4.6 mug of nicotine administered to the hippocampus can deteriorate learning acquisition in alcohol-drinking rats. The aim of the present study was to research whether this nicotine dose can alter the alcohol withdrawal syndrome and whether the two neurosteroids, allopregnanolone (AlloP) and pregnenolone sulfate(More)
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