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This paper studies the case where a game is played in a particular context. The context in-‡uences what beliefs players hold. As such, it may a¤ect forward induction reasoning: If players rule out speci…c beliefs, they may not be able to rationalize observed behavior. The e¤ects are not obvious. Context-laden forward induction may allow outcomes precluded(More)
  • Pierpaolo Battigalliy, Amanda Friedenbergz, +6 authors Adam Szeidl
  • 2010
Battigalli-Siniscalchi [8, 2002] formalize the idea of forward induction reasoning as " rational-ity and common strong belief of rationality " (RCSBR). Here, we study the behavioral implications of RCSBR across all type structures. Formally, we show that RCSBR is characterized by a solution concept we call Extensive Form Best Response Sets (EFBRS's). It(More)
Development and cell differentiation are driven by complex epigenetic mechanisms that regulate chromatin structure and specific gene transcription programs. We recently demonstrated that it is possible to modify the epigenetic signature of terminally differentiated cells, switching their phenotype into one of higher plasticity, through the use of molecules(More)
The potential of cell therapy in regenerative medicine has greatly expanded thanks to the availability of sources of pluripotent cells. In particular, induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) have dominated the scenario in the last years for their ability to proliferate and differentiate into specific cell types. Nevertheless, the concerns inherent to the cell(More)
In this paper, we analyze the equilibrium amount of entertainment in news coverage of newspapers and television stations. We find that a shift in the inclination to read, expressed by a shift in the (psychological) distance costs, induces both media outlets to incorporate more entertaining elements in news coverage. The introduction of commercial(More)
In the presence of different environmental cues that are able to trigger specific responses, a given genotype has the ability to originate a variety of different phenotypes. This property is defined as plasticity and allows cell fate definition and tissue specialization. Fundamental epigenetic mechanisms drive these modifications in gene expression and(More)
We study optimal government spending policy in a New Keynesian setting. We augment the standard model with limited asset market participation as in Bilbiie (2008). Furthermore we allow …scal authority to levy a proportional labour income tax to …nance its public consumption. We show that limited asset market participation makes it optimal to reduce public(More)
Phenotype definition is controlled by epigenetic regulations that allow cells to acquire their differentiated state. The process is reversible and attractive for therapeutic intervention and for the reactivation of hypermethylated pluripotency genes that facilitate transition to a higher plasticity state. We report the results obtained in human fibroblasts(More)
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