Elena Mainardi

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This paper presents a practical experiment on the use of visual servoing for robotic tracking and manipulation of objects moving on a plane. In this work, the image is acquired from the camera mounted on the end-effector of a 6 DOF industrial robot, and processed on a standard PC-based vision system in order to close the Visual Servoing loop with a PID(More)
The aim of the present paper is to illustrate the phases of design and application of an innovative input source for an EMG upper limb prosthetic arm: a laryngophone, otherwise called throat microphone (t-mic). In the last years several different input sources were explored, from the implantable myoelectric sensors to the mechanomyographic sensors. The idea(More)
This paper concerns the study and the realization of a portable touchscreen interface designed for the control of domotic systems, in this particular case based on powerline communication. The project is fundamentally thought for disabled people with problems in manual dexterity and mobility, but its functionalities can be exploited also by able-body(More)
Myoelectric prosthesis are aids that try to give back to patients a bit of autonomy and indipendence in their life. Several control techniques were explored in the past, but still the electromyographic (EMG) control remains the most widely used method. Most of the commercial EMG electrodes for prosthetic control available on the market modify the acquired(More)
This paper describes the realization of an air transportation bottling plant controller, designed with fuzzy rules and implemented with a PLC and a PC. The plant was previously controlled by a semiautomatic system which was only able to accept pressure set-points from human operators and to maintain them constant, using pressure sensors. The setting of(More)
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