Elena M. Faioni

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BACKGROUND Activated Protein C (ProC) is an anticoagulant plasma serine protease which also plays an important role in controlling inflammation and cell proliferation. Several mutations of the gene are associated with phenotypic functional deficiency of protein C, and with the risk of developing venous thrombosis. Structure prediction and computational(More)
BACKGROUND Inflammation is a key feature of HIV infection and is correlated with long-term negative cardiovascular outcomes. Therapy-induced increases in CD4(+) cell counts can control inflammation, as shown by decreases of coagulation and inflammation markers during efficacious therapy. Maraviroc, a CCR5-antagonist, has resulted in larger increases in(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Hereditary protein S (PS) deficiency is a rare autosomal disorder of the coagulation pathway associated with familial thrombophilia. DESIGN AND METHODS We investigated a young propositus with recurrent deep vein thrombosis, a positive family history for thrombotic episodes, and low plasma concentrations of free, but not total PS(More)
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