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AIM The aim of this study was to study the effect on early bone formation resulting from the placement of a xenograft in the fresh extraction socket in dogs. MATERIAL AND METHODS Five beagle dogs were used. The distal roots of the third and fourth mandibular premolars were removed. In one quadrant, a graft consisting of Bio-Oss Collagen was placed in the(More)
The objective of the present experiment was to evaluate the effect on hard tissue modeling and remodeling of the placement of a xenograft in fresh extraction sockets in dogs. Five mongrel dogs were used. Two mandibular premolars (4P4) were hemisected in each dog, and the distal roots were carefully removed. In one socket, a graft consisting of Bio-Oss(More)
The present study was performed in order to examine the composition of the connective tissue that forms an attachment to a dental implant. 6 beagle dogs were used. All mandibular premolars were extracted. After 3 months of healing, 6 fixtures--3 in each side of the mandible--(Astra Tech Implants, Dental System TiO blast; Astra Tech AB, Mölndal, Sweden) were(More)
BACKGROUND Findings from in vitro studies have indicated that the orientation and proliferation of cells on titanium surfaces may be influenced by the topography of the surface on which they are grown. It may be argued, therefore, that differences may occur in the mucosal attachment to titanium implants with different surface roughness. AIM The present(More)
A multicenter randomized double-blind trial on the use of synthetic salmon calcitonin (SCT) was carried out in 94 patients with acute pancreatitis. In addition to strict standard treatment--without aprotinin, atropine, or antacids--50 patients received daily 3 x 20 micrograms = 300 MRCU SCT intravenously and 44 patients received placebo for 6 days.(More)
Cultured human glioma cells were studied by double indirect immunofluorescence technique using antisera against intermediate filaments and glial fibrillary acidic protein. With both antisera cytoplasmic fibrillar fluorescence was seen. Perinuclear bundles of intermediate-sized filaments, induced by vinblastine treatment, were strongly stained with both(More)
OBJECTIVE To validate a proposed model (Berglundh et al. 2003) and to evaluate the rate and degree of osseointegration at turned (T) and sand blasted and acid etched (SLA) implant surfaces during early phases of healing. MATERIAL AND METHODS The devices used for the study of early healing had a geometry that corresponded to that of a solid screw implant(More)