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PADGEM (platelet activation dependent granule-external membrane protein) is an integral membrane protein of the alpha granules of platelets and Weibel-Palade bodies of endothelial cells that is expressed on the plasma membrane upon cell activation and granule secretion. Activated platelets, but not resting platelets, bind to neutrophils, monocytes, HL60(More)
PADGEM (platelet activation-dependent granule-external membrane protein) is a leukocyte receptor of activated platelets that mediates cellular adhesion of platelets to neutrophils and monocytes. To identify the natural ligand on neutrophils and monocytes that interacts with PADGEM, we have evaluated anti-leukocyte antibodies for their ability to block(More)
The receptor binding, internalization and tyrosine kinase activation of insulin-like growth factors, IGF-I and IGF-II have been investigated in cultured adult bovine chromaffin cells. IGF-I receptor alpha-subunits (Mr approximately 130,000) bound IGF-I and IGF-II with identical affinity (Kd approximately 1 nM) and insulin with about 1000 times lower(More)
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