Elena Labajo-González

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OBJECTIVES Although the safety of patients has been one of the inherent concerns of dental practice, but because the proposals made in the field of dentistry are few and improperly structured, this paper constitutes an attempt to present a proposal titled "Plan for Dental Health Care Risk Management, " promoted by the General Council of Dentists of Spain,(More)
INTRODUCTION The effort to increase patient safety has become one of the main focal points of all health care professions, despite the fact that, in the field of dentistry, initiatives have come late and been less ambitious. The main objective of patient safety is to avoid preventable adverse events to the greatest extent possible and to limit the negative(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the consequences of a judicial claim on the private life and professional practice of affected doctors. MATERIAL AND METHODS A cross-sectional, descriptive study was performed on the basis of 169 surveys filled out by physicians subjected to a lawsuit in Spain in the period including 2002-2005. RESULTS The claim produced a bad or(More)
OBJECTIVES On the basis of the "Surgical Checklist" proposed by the WHO, we propose a new Checklist model adapted to the procedures of endodontic treatment. STUDY DESIGN The proposed document contains 21 items which are broken down into two groups: those which must be verified before beginning the treatment, and those which must be verified after(More)
OBJECTIVES With the aim of identifying the factors related to sentences against neurosurgeons, we have analyzed all the sentences issued in the second court of justice in Spain against neurosurgeons in the period from 1995 to 2007. MATERIAL AND METHODS Of a total of 1899 sentences of the second or last appeal, during the period from 1995 to 2007 issued in(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyse the sentences due to loss of chance that were passed by the Contentious-Administrative Court (i.e., in public medicine), in which both the origin of the disease to be treated and the damages were neurological. METHODS We analysed the 90 sentences concerning neurological conditions that referred to the concept of loss of chance that(More)
OBJECTIVE The loss of chance in healthcare has been forcibly introduced in the adjudications pronounced in recent years. Our objective was to analyse the verdicts of guilt resulting from the loss of chance ordered by the Contentious-Administrative Court (i.e., in the public healthcare system), in which both the origin of the disease to be treated and the(More)
Amitraz is a formamidine insecticide/acaricide that alters different neurotransmitters levels, among other neurotoxic effects. Oral amitraz exposure (20, 50 and 80 mg/kg bw, 5 days) has been reported to increase serotonin (5-HT), norepinephrine (NE) and dopamine (DA) content and to decrease their metabolites and turnover rates in the male rat brain,(More)
Sentences against psychiatrists dictated in appellate or higher courts of Spain in the period from 1992 to 2007 were analyzed. Decisions were gathered for 13 of the 17 autonomous communities and statistical analysis yielded the following results: in more than 50% of cases, the decision was unfavorable for the psychiatrist, but the damages never exceeded €(More)
The clinical risks associated with health care have been a known factor since ancient times, and their prevention has constituted one of the foundations of health care. However, concern for the risks involved in health care treatments has risen very significantly in recent years, becoming a modern current of concern for clinical health care risks which is(More)