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Ethanol production by microorganisms is an important renewable energy source. Most processes involve fermentation of sugars from plant feedstock, but there is increasing interest in direct ethanol production by photosynthetic organisms. To facilitate this, a high-throughput screening technique for the detection of ethanol is required. Here, a method for the(More)
In this paper we introduce a simple droplet-based microfluidic system consisting of two separate devices to encapsulate and culture microalgae, in contrast to cultivation in bulk liquid medium. This microdroplet technology has been used to monitor the growth of individual microalgal cells in a constant environment for extended periods of time. Single cells(More)
Extensive sampling and metagenomics analyses of plankton communities across all aquatic environments are beginning to provide insights into the ecology of microbial communities. In particular, the importance of metabolic exchanges that provide a foundation for ecological interactions between microorganisms has emerged as a key factor in forging such(More)
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