Elena Karpova

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Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have recently been applied for industrial monitoring, including combustible and flammable gases monitoring. In this work, we present a wireless gas sensor node in which a widely used Wheatstone sensing circuit based on two sensors is exchanged with a single sensor circuit, as well as the associate gas measurement procedure.(More)
Five prospective microbial associations for conversion of stillage carbohydrates (sugars and dextrins) to acetate have been isolated from natural and anthropogenic sources. The characteristics of biological treatment of the stillage containing up to 40 g of carbohydrates/L have been studied using the Tambukan Silt association immobilized on the polymer(More)
We study the transmission of classical information via optical Gaussian channels with a classical additive noise under the physical assumption of a finite input energy including the energy of classical signal (modulation) and the energy spent on squeezing the quantum states carrying information. Multiple uses of a certain class of memory channels with(More)
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