Elena J Clark

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BACKGROUND Consumption of low-calorie sweeteners (LCSs) has increased markedly during the past several decades, yet the prevalence of LCS consumption in recent years is currently unknown. OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to describe LCS consumption in the United States and to characterize consumption by sociodemographic subgroups, source, frequency,(More)
A small-scale, comparative study of medical and law students was undertaken at a large, southern state university to examine the sources and consequences of stress during professional training. Specifically, the impact of stress on personal relationships was explored. The authors of the study reported here found gender differences in the source and degree(More)
This retrospective, descriptive study was undertaken to identify patient and family perceptions about quality of life (QOL) and quality of care (QOC) after experimental biological therapy. A mail survey that included instruments designed to measure QOL (the Profile of Mood States [POMS] and the Linear Analogue Self-Assessment [Lasa]) and QOC was sent to(More)
Museum specimens (maxillae and/or mandibles) from 371 American black bears (Ursus americanus) acquired between 1889 and 2006 were examined macroscopically according to predefined criteria, and 348 were included in this study. Of the 348 specimens, 126 (36.2%) were from male animals, 106 (30.5%) were from female animals and 116 (33.3%) were from animals of(More)
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