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The RNA-seq approach for prostate cancer candidate RNA biomarkers screening in plasma and urine obtained by minimally invasive or noninvasive methods is proved to be feasible. Significant amount of RNA biomarkers associated with prostate cancer according to the literature were found in plasma and urine samples obtained from patients with benign prostatic(More)
The effects of tensile stress and temperature on cell wall elasticity have been investigated in the outer cell walls of coleoptile epidermis of 4- and 6-day-old Zea mays L. seedlings. The change in tensile stress from 6 to 40 MPa caused the increase in cell wall elastic modulus from 0.4 to 3 GPa. Lowering the temperature from 30 to 4 °C resulted in(More)
Changes in extensibility of cell walls and composition of apoplastic solution along the elongation zone were studied in mesocotyls of etiolated seedlings of maize (Zea mays L.). It was found that plastic and elastic extensibility of cell walls was much greater in the cells with a high rate of elongation. Basipetal decrease in hydrogen peroxide concentration(More)
Sunflower protoplasts exhibited a lipoxygenase activity inhibited by propyl gallate, SHAM and BHT, and stimulated by the addition of 1.5 mM CaCI 2, 5 nM H 2 0 2 and 1 mM ATP. EGTA or EDTA prevented the C a 2 + s t i m u l a t e d l i p o x y g e n a s e activity. Negligible l ipoxygenase was released from protoplasts after 6 h incubation, whereas mechanical(More)
Redox reactions affecting the cell wall extensibility proceed in the apoplast of growing cells. The reactions involve dozens of oxidoreductases localized in cell walls (Class I and III heme peroxidases, FAD- and Cu-dependent amine oxidases, oxalate oxidase, ascorbate oxidase, superoxide dismutase, etc.) together with NADPH oxidase and quinone reductase of(More)
There is a clear need in molecular markers for prostate cancer (PC) risk stratification. Alteration of DNA methylation is one of processes that occur during ÐÑ progression. Methylation-sensitive PCR with high resolution melting curve analysis (MS-HRM) can be used for gene methylation analysis in routine laboratory practice. This method requires very small(More)
Due to heterogeneous multifocal nature of prostate cancer (PCa), there is currently a lack of biomarkers that stably distinguish it from benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), predict clinical outcome and guide the choice of optimal treatment. In this study RNA-seq analysis was applied to formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tumor and matched normal tissue(More)
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