Elena I. Chaikina

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We report the implementation of a one-dimensional random laser based on an Er/Ge co-doped single-mode fiber with randomly spaced Bragg gratings. The random grating array forms a complex cavity with high quality factor resonances in the range of gain wavelengths centered around 1535.5 nm. The reflection spectra of the grating array and the emission spectra(More)
We present results of experimental and theoretical studies of polarization-resolved light transmission through optical fiber with disorder generated in its germanium-doped core via UV radiation transmitted through a diffuser. In samples longer than a certain characteristic length, the power transmitted with preserved polarization is observed to be(More)
We study, theoretically and experimentally, disorder-induced resonances in randomly layered samples and develop an algorithm for the detection and characterization of the effective cavities that give rise to these resonances. This algorithm enables us to find the eigenfrequencies and to pinpoint the locations of the resonant cavities that appear in(More)
A critical evaluation of various theoretical techniques for calculating the reflectivity of one-dimensional metallic randomly rough surfaces is presented. We proceed by comparing experimental and rigorous numerical results with those obtained with three perturbation theories and the Kirchhoff approximation. The samples were fabricated in photoresist, and(More)
We present a theoretical and experimental study of the scattering of light by double passage through a system that consists of a strong diffuser, a piece of birefringent crystal, and a plane mirror. We show that this arrangement can produce not only enhanced backscattering and satellite peaks but also satellite dips in the angular distribution of the mean(More)
A theoretical analysis of incoherent intermode light power diffusion in multimode dielectric waveguides with rough (corrugated) surfaces is presented. The correlation length a of the surface-profile variations is assumed to be sufficiently large (a less less than lambda/2pi) to permit light scattering into the outer space only from the modes close to the(More)
This paper presents results of experimental and theoretical studies of light transmission through optical fibers with disorder generated in its germanium-doped core via UV radiation transmitted through a diffuser. The experimental results on transmission of the radiation of 543 nm wavelength demonstrate the presence of the disorder in the core of the(More)
We develop and experimentally verify a theory of evolution of polarization in artificially-disordered multi-mode optical fibers. Starting with a microscopic model of photo-induced index change, we obtain the first and second order statistics of the dielectric tensor in a Ge-doped fiber, where a volume disorder is intentionally inscribed via UV radiation(More)
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