Elena Grishina

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DNA polymerase iota (Pol ι) which has some peculiar features and is characterized by an extremely error prone DNA synthesis, belongs to the group of enzymes preferentially activated by Mn2+ instead of Mg2+. In this work, using misGvA method (misincorporation of “G” versus “A”, method of Gening) we studied the effect of Mn2+ on DNA synthesis in cell extracts(More)
An increased level of mutagenesis, partially caused by imbalanced activities of error prone DNA polymerases, is a key symptom of cell malignancy. To clarify the possible role of incorrect DNA polymerase ι (Pol ι) function in increased frequency of mutations in mammalian cells, the activity of this enzyme in extracts of cells of different mouse organs and(More)
The RNC now it is a 120 million-word collection of Russian text, thus, it is the most representative and authoritative corpus of the Russian language. It is available in the Internet at www.ruscorpora.ru. The RNC contains texts of all genres and types, which covers Russian from 19 up to 21 centuries. The practice of national corpora constructing has(More)
Enzymatic activity of DNA polymerase iota (Pol ι) was analyzed in human uveal melanoma cell extracts, using an earlier elaborated approach. The Pol ι activity was observed in seven out of eight malignant tumors, while it was absent in the normal uveal tract cells of the same patients. These findings serve as an additional confirmation of the Pol ι oncogenic(More)
The paper introduces the Multimodal Russian Corpus (MURCO), which has been created in the framework of the Russian National Corpus (RNC). The MURCO provides the users with the great amount of phonetic, orthoepic, intonational information related to Russian. Moreover, the deeply annotated part of the MURCO contains the data concerning Russian gesticulation,(More)
2 cases of sinus histiocytosis with massive lymphadenopathy are reported. The disease belongs to non-neoplastic lesions associated with proliferation of histiocytes with antigen-treating function. A case of sarcoma is also described. It consisted of follicular dendritic cells related to histiocytes with the antigen-representing function.
The article presents a rare clinical case of intraocular schwannoma localized in the pre-equatorial choroidea and the pars plana and complicated by secondary glaucoma. Prolonged course of the disease and the presence of scleral staphyloma allowed to assume benign nature of the tumor. Enucleation was performed due to painful secondary glaucoma. Histological(More)
Clinical symptoms in patients with primary orbital lymphosarcoma, generalized lymphosarcoma involving the orbital tissues, and metastatic tumors of the orbit of another origin are analyzed. The orbital process has bee studied in 158 patients. The most frequent symptoms were ptosis and exophthalmos. Decreased visual acuity, pain, sensation of swelling in the(More)
The paper introduces the notion of multimodal cluster (MMC). MMC is a multicomponent spoken unit, which includes diads “meaning + gesture”, “meaning + phonetic phenomenon” (double MMC) or triad “meaning + gesture + phonetic phenomenon” (triple MMC). All components of the same MMC are synchronized in the speech, gestural and phonetic components conveying the(More)
The results are available of clinical, morphological, cytological and immunological investigations of orbital lymphomas and lymphomas of appendages of the eye. Malignant lymphoma was detected in 17 patients and reactive lymphoid hyperplasia in 3 patients. All the malignant lymphomas had B-cell phenotype. By cell composition, MALT-lymphoma is more(More)