Elena Grishina

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DNA polymerase iota (Pol ι) which has some peculiar features and is characterized by an extremely error prone DNA synthesis, belongs to the group of enzymes preferentially activated by Mn2+ instead of Mg2+. In this work, using misGvA method (misincorporation of “G” versus “A”, method of Gening) we studied the effect of Mn2+ on DNA synthesis in cell extracts(More)
Accentological corpus provides a researcher an opportunity to study word stress and stress variation, which are very important for the Russian language. Moreover, Accentological corpus allows studying the history of the Russian language stress development. The research presents the main characteristics of Accentological corpus available at ruscorpora.ru.(More)
The RNC now it is a 120 million-word collection of Russian text, thus, it is the most representative and authoritative corpus of the Russian language. It is available in the Internet at www.ruscorpora.ru. The RNC contains texts of all genres and types, which covers Russian from 19 up to 21 centuries. The practice of national corpora constructing has(More)
The paper introduces the Multimodal Russian Corpus (MURCO), which has been created in the framework of the Russian National Corpus (RNC). The MURCO provides the users with the great amount of phonetic, orthoepic, intonational information related to Russian. Moreover, the deeply annotated part of the MURCO contains the data concerning Russian gesticulation,(More)
The paper investigates potential impact of Russia's WTO accession on the labor market by estimating various labor market elasticities with respect to trade liberalization in Russia in the 90-ies. In particular, the influence of tariff reduction on demand for labor is estimated, intersectoral employment flows in recent years and their determinants are(More)
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