Elena Gascón Díez

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Antibiotic-resistance genes (ARGs) are currently discussed as emerging environmental contaminants. Hospital and municipal sewage are important sources of ARGs for the receiving freshwater bodies. We investigated the spatial distribution of different ARGs (sul1, sul2, tet(B), tet(M), tet(W) and qnrA) in freshwater lake sediments in the vicinity of a point(More)
As the methylation of inorganic mercury to neurotoxic methylmercury has been attributed to the activity of anaerobic bacteria, the formation of methylmercury in the oxic water column of marine ecosystems has puzzled scientists over the past years. Here we show for the first time that methylmercury can be produced in particles sinking through oxygenated(More)
In our recently published paper, “Role of settling particles on mercury methylation in the oxic water column of freshwater systems”, we unfortunately made several mistakes in the reference list. To correct this oversight, we submit this erratum indicating the number of the reference cited in our published paper followed by the correct reference that should(More)
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