Elena Garicano Vilar

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BACKGROUND Present in several types of food, bioactive amines are described as organic bases of low molecular weight, which constitute a potential health risk. An awareness of amine levels in foods today is therefore important in relation to food safety and patient care. This review aims to emphasise the need to unify the information on the content of(More)
INTRODUCTION Gluten is a glycoprotein present in some cereals. The incidence of disorders related to gluten, including the EC, is increasing, even pathologies far from an etiology or treatment with GF D. AIMS Review the scientific literature related to the ingestion of gluten and pathogenesis of different diseases. METHODS A literature search in major(More)
INTRODUCTION Achieving an adequate intake of water is crucial within a balanced diet. For that purpose, dietary guidelines for healthy eating and drinking are an important consideration and need to be updated and disseminated to the population. AIM We aimed to evaluate the liquid intake habits of a Mediterranean and Latin American population(More)
INTRODUCTION The distorted body image has become a global problem. The thinness as a standard of beauty for women, and fitness for men, has been linked to an increase in eating behavior disorders. The physical exercise with aesthetic or addictive purposes has increased, as well as the popularity of gyms. AIM To analyze the orthorexics behavior, to know(More)
OBJECTIVES Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has been related to nutrient deficiencies and 'unhealthy' diets, and to date there is only one study that examined the relationship between the Mediterranean diet and ADHD. The aim was to determine the association between those environmental, nutritional, and body composition factors that may affect(More)
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