Elena García Barriocanal

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Online reviews have received much attention recently in the literature, as their visibility has been proven to play an important role during the purchase process. Furthermore, recent theoretical insight argue that the votes casted on how helpful an online review is (review helpfulness) are of particular importance, since they constitute a focal point for(More)
Unit testing is one of the core practices in the Extreme Programming lightweight software development method, and it is usually carried out with the help of software frameworks that ease the construction of test cases as an integral part of programming tasks. This work describes our first results in studying the integration of automated unit testing(More)
A learning object can be considered as a unit of instructional content for which a metadata record describing its characteristics and intended educational usage is provided. Metadata records can be used to develop effective search and location of learning objects, and also to develop automated or semi-automated selection and composition tools. In(More)
The Software & Systems Process Engineering meta-model (SPEM) allows the modelling of software processes using OMG (Object Management Group) standards such as the MOF (MetaObject Facility) and UML (Unified Modelling Language) making possible to represent software processes using tools compliant with UML. Process definition encompasses both the static and(More)
Ontologies have been recognized as a fundamental infrastructure for advanced approaches to Knowledge Management (KM) automation, and the conceptual foundations for them have been discussed in some previous reports. Nonetheless, such conceptual structures should be properly integrated into existing ontological bases, for the practical purpose of providing(More)
Ontology-based information seeking is one of the most promising approaches to enhance existing search interfaces with features enabling users to better express their information needs or to improve exploratory search styles. This entails the interaction of users with concepts and relations embodied in ontologies in a dialogue process that can be interpreted(More)
The size of software project teams has been considered to be a driver of project productivity. Although there is a large literature on this, new publicly available software repositories allow us to empirically perform further research. In this paper we analyse the relationships between productivity, team size and other project variables using the(More)