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Keywords: Product reviews Readability tests Review helpfulness Word of mouth a b s t r a c t Online reviews have received much attention recently in the literature, as their visibility has been proven to play an important role during the purchase process. Furthermore, recent theoretical insight argue that the votes casted on how helpful an online review is(More)
Ontology-based information seeking is one of the most promising approaches to enhance existing search interfaces with features enabling users to better express their information needs or to improve exploratory search styles. This entails the interaction of users with concepts and relations embodied in ontologies in a dialogue process that can be interpreted(More)
A learning object can be considered as a unit of instructional content for which a metadata record describing its characteristics and intended educational usage is provided. Metadata records can be used to develop effective search and location of learning objects, and also to develop automated or semi-automated selection and composition tools. In(More)
Web 2.0 technologies can be considered a loosely defined set of Web application styles that foster a kind of media consumer more engaged, and usually active in creating and maintaining Internet contents. Thus, Web 2.0 applications have resulted in increased user participation and massive user-generated (or user-published) open multimedia content, some of(More)
The SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organization System) Core is a model for representing thesauri and similar types of knowledge organization systems as RDF graphs. Although it provides a basic framework for building concept schemes, SKOS does not carry the strictly defined semantics of formal ontology languages and thus has a number of shortcomings to fully port(More)