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Becoming Visible in The Digital Age
The Pussy Riot affair has been represented in Western media as a feminist plight for rights. This study demonstrates that this interpretation disregards the social context of the case and the
Once Again on the Class Question in Postsoviet Feminism
It has been claimed that class no longer functions as a significant factor in gender research in the Post-Soviet space. Yet, in the recent Women’s Conference of 2008, it was largely concluded that
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  • 1 December 2002
“Liberal democracy, in truth, is the political arrangement under which capital thrives best.” Slavoj Zizek “It's the economy, stupid!” (Slogan on the wall of Bill Clinton's headquarters during his
Class, Agency, and Citizenship in Belarusian Protest
This paper focuses on the unprecedented mobilization that unravelled in the aftermath of the Bearusian elections of 2020. The argument made is that issues of agency and participation in political
Outsourcing to the Post-Soviet Region and Gender
IntroductIon The purpose of this article is to analyze the out-sourcing of information technology (IT) jobs to a specific world region as a gendered phenomenon. Appadurai (2001) states that the
Over the Wall/After the Fall: Post-Communist Cultures through an East-West Gaze
Introduction: Mapping Postsocialist Cultural StudiesMagdalena Zaborowska, Sibelan Forrester, and Elena Gapova Part I. (Re-)Visitations 1. How I Found Eastern Europe: Televisual Geography, Travel
“The Land under the White Wings”: The Romantic Landscaping of Socialist Belarus
This essay explores the imaginative transformation of quintessentially socialist Soviet Byelorussia into a romantic and sacred “land of castles.” The romantic landscaping, performed in the 1960s by
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