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To test the hypothesis that irradiated volume of specific subregions of pelvic active bone marrow as detected by (18)FDG-PET may be a predictor of decreased blood cells nadirs in anal cancer patients undergoing concurrent chemoradiation, we analyzed 44 patients submitted to IMRT and concurrent chemotherapy. Several bony structures were defined: pelvic and(More)
Radiography is nowadays a common medical exam, used for diagnosing several diseases, but has the disadvantage of exposing people to a dose of radiation. For this reason, it is important to study methods for reducing such dose. In this paper we present a digital X-ray simulation tool that simulates a radiological exam on a virtual patient. The software(More)
PURPOSE Radioembolization with 90Y microspheres is an effective treatment for unresectable liver tumours. Two types of microspheres are available: resin (SIR-Spheres®) and glass (Theraspheres®). The aim of this study is to compare biological effective dose (BED) values obtained with three different dosimetric methods. METHODS 29 HCC patients were included(More)
Conventional radiology is performed by means of digital detectors, with various types of technology and different performance in terms of efficiency and image quality. Following the arrival of a new digital detector in a radiology department, all the staff involved should adapt the procedure parameters to the properties of the detector, in order to achieve(More)
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