Elena Galeazzi

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Despite underlying much of medicine, anatomical concepts are frequently not separated from other aspects of terminology, leading to duplication and repetition. This paper describes the development of a re-usable terminological model of anatomy using the GALEN Representation And Integration Language (GRAIL), which embodies multiple subsumption hierarchies(More)
We collected a set of words, suffixes, and idioms regarding actions in surgical procedures, ie. "deeds" as defined in a CEN European Prestandard; we then searched for their definitions in different authoritative sources and we performed an ontological analysis of this material according to the ONIONS methodology. The result was a formal model on surgical(More)
We developed a technique of reverse engineering to extract a conceptual schema--also called "categorial structure" in the European standard CEN ENV 12264 (MoSe)--from a set of terminological phrases. The technique was originally applied to coding systems, ie. to large value sets. We applied this technique to subsets of two new terminological resources for(More)
Combinatorial terminological systems are appearing, to solve the issues related to flexibility and precision of representation requested by modern healthcare information systems and in particular by messaging standards. The development of a robust system of descriptors ('cross-thesaurus') is a crucial activity in the production of combinatorial(More)
The efficacy of ten daily injections of 500 or 500,000 U of recombinant interleukin 2 (IL-2) day-1 given 1.5 cm from the insertion of the sternocleidomastoid muscle on the mastoid was evaluated in 31 patients with recurrent head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. No toxic effects were noted. One complete response (CR) and three partial responses (PRs) were(More)
CEN is developing a series of standards for transmission of patient records. We present here preliminary results to produce a standard on section headings in record systems. Each record system uses its own scheme of headings, depending on specialty, National regulations and tasks; users cannot accept a unique, standard scheme. Enumerating all possible(More)
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