Elena G. Sokolova

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This paper describes a multilingual text generation system in the domain of CAD/CAM software instructions for Bulgarian, Czech and Russian. Starting from a language-independent semantic representation , the system drafts natural, continuous text as typically found in software manuals. The core modules for strategic and tactical generation are implemented(More)
The paper reports on the recent forum RU-EVAL ‒ a new initiative for evaluation of Russian NLP resources, methods and toolkits. It started in 2010 with evaluation of morphological parsers, and the second event RU-EVAL 2012 (2011-2012) focused on syntactic parsing. Eight participating IT companies and academic institutions submitted their results for corpus(More)
In subjects with normal three-chromatic vision, during long-term uninterrupted adaptation (6--8 min) to spectral stimuli of different spectral areas (lambda=650+585 nm; lambda=535+585 nm), it was found that the state of color sensitivity undergoes changes in the form of alternating active (correct) and passive (wrong) phases of color discrimination. First,(More)