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AIM To develop experimental model for definition of immunological images of chemical carcinogens. MATERIALS AND METHODS The conjugates of benzo[a]pyrene, benz[a]anthracene, anthracene, chrysene and pyrene with bovine serum albumin and yeast hexokinase were synthesized. Rabbits were immunized by bovine serum albumin-hapten conjugates. Antibodies to each(More)
BACKGROUND Antibodies might protect against low doses of environmental carcinogens by decreasing systemic uptake, activation of metabolic pathways, and redistribution of carcinogens within the organism. The features of antibody formation in relation to environmental carcinogens and sex steroids under natural conditions should be determined to identify(More)
At present, a promising method for separation and purification of proteins is offered by drug affinity chromatography (DAC) based on the use of affinity type adsorbents with immobilized drugs [1 – 3]. The approach was originally developed in the late 1980s for studying nifedipine-dependent proteins. Later, DAC was extensively used for the investigation of(More)
The study revealed high levels of antibodies class A and G to benzopyrene and antibodies class G to estradiol and progesterone in women with pathology of fetus development. The most informative indicators of high risk of development of reproductive pathology are established The recommendations concerning the application of antibodies to benzopyrene,(More)
AIM To investigate the cross-reactivity of the hyperimmune antisera of animals (rabbits) and the sera of oncological patients to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) of a similar chemical structure. METHODS Reactions of antibodies with haptens have been estimated by non-competitive and competitive ELISA with synthesized protein conjugates of PAHs as a(More)
It was supposed that lung and breast cancer risks significantly increased when the levels of serum immunoglobulins A antibodies against benzo[a]pyrene and estradiol increased together, but did not separately. However, the cancer risks dramatically decreased when the levels of immunoglobulins A against progesterone elevated separately or together with(More)
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