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BACKGROUND Triacylglycerols are used in various purposes including food applications, cosmetics, oleochemicals and biofuels. Currently the main sources for triacylglycerol are vegetable oils, and microbial triacylglycerol has been suggested as an alternative for these. Due to the low production rates and yields of microbial processes, the role of metabolic(More)
BACKGROUND Wax esters are industrially relevant molecules exploited in several applications of oleochemistry and food industry. At the moment, the production processes mostly rely on chemical synthesis from rather expensive starting materials, and therefore solutions are sought from biotechnology. Bacterial wax esters are attractive alternatives, and(More)
Acinetobacter baylyi ADP1 naturally produces wax esters that could be used as a raw material in industrial applications. We attempted to improve wax ester yield of A. baylyi ADP1 by removing rmlA, a gene involved in exopolysaccharide production. Growth rate, biomass formation and wax ester yield on 4-hydroxybenzoate were not affected, but the rmlA − strain(More)
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