Elena E. Timonina

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The basic problem for developers of monitoring systems for technological processes is to exclude the false alarms. False alarms generate the interruption of technological process and lead to the manual analysis of the reasons of the wrong system behavior. In the paper it is offered to use the statistical techniques with probabilities of false alarms equal(More)
A ban means a sequence which has zero probability in a finite space. Generation of probability models is carried out, as a rule, from simpler models by introduction of additional restrictions. However fulfilment of required properties for stochastic processes requires the proof in case of introduction of additional restrictions. In particular, the proof is(More)
The problem of acceleration of decision-making by system of intrusion detection is considered. It is offered to protect valuable resources, using appearance of security events in process of their generation. The probabilistic model of such protection is constructed. The estimates received in this model validate the approach.
The paper is devoted to the statistical classification problems. Repeated classification in control and monitoring systems is complicated by nonzero mistakes of traditional statistical decisions. At repeated applications of rules of statistical classification small probabilities of mistakes generate a large number of wrong decisions. At construction of(More)
In the paper the concept of the permitted interactions is defined, i.e. such interactions are necessary for the tasks which are legally started at present. Any other interactions are considered as forbidden. The main objective is definition, what interactions are permitted during this period of time. For the solution of this problem it is offered to model(More)
At present, there are a large number of trends and developments in artificial intelligence systems. This paper deals with the available intelligent data analysis in information security and the possibilities provided by data mining. Examples of tasks that can be solved using artificial intelligence systems are presented, including safe resource management,(More)