Elena E Filyushina

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Serum chitotriosidase activity was determined in different conditions accompanied by macrophage stimulation. Stimulation of macrophages with zymosan, yeast polysaccharide carboxymethylglucan (fraction II), and lysosomotropic preparation Triton WR-1339 1.5–2.0-fold increased enzyme activity. Chitotriosidase activity in intact Wistar rats was similar to that(More)
The structural characteristics of the renal medulla and its interstitial cells were studied in hypertensive ISIAH rats (in comparison with normotensive WAG rats) in order to clear out the role of the renomedullary interstitial cells in the mechanisms of AP regulation. Morphometric electron microscopic analysis and immunohistochemical studies in ISIAH rats(More)
Kinetics of gadolinium accumulation was studied by inductively coupled plasma-emission spectroscopy after intravenous injection of this agent (7.5 mg/kg) to CBA mice. Gadolinium exhibits lysosomotropic properties (long-term selective accumulation in lysosomes in vivo). Gadolinium uptake by hepatic cells attained maximum 1 h after its intravenous injection(More)
In an attempt to better understand potential biomarkers for, and the role of macrophages in, the development of atherosclerosis, the toxicologic, and any therapeutic pharmacologic effects of carboxymethylated β-glucan, gadolinium chloride, and poloxamer 407 were studied in mice for their capacity to perturb serum lipids, cystatin C, and chitotriosidase-1.(More)
Morphometric analysis revealed no signs of myocardial hypertrophy at the tissue and ultrastructural levels in 3-week-old NISAG rat pups reared by normotensive Wistar females. The severity of myocardial hypertrophy in these animals aging 6 months was similar to that in NISAG rats reared by natural mothers. However, raising conditions during the early(More)
The homoiothermic organism gives a powerful response to exposure to acute cold in the form of contractile thermogenesis, which is aimed at maintaining temperature homeostasis. The level of metabolism of the skeletal musculature under these circumstances may be raised by as much as 40 times [4, 5]. The intensity of the processes of thermogenesis is largely(More)
Comparative morphological study of the adenohypophysis was conducted in 3-week-old normotensive WAG and hypertensive ISIAH rats (prehypertension period) to elucidate the role of the adenohypophysis in the development of essential hypertension. Morphometric analysis revealed ultrastructural signs of functional activation of somatotrophs, gonadotrophs, and(More)
Structural characteristics of the adrenal medulla in hypertensive NISAG rats (hereditary stress-induced arterial hypertension) were studied during various periods of postnatal ontogeny. Signs of hyperplasia of the adrenal medulla were most pronounced in adult hypertensive animals with persistent arterial hypertension, as well as during the period of late(More)
By means of carboxymethylation, a novel water-soluble carboxymethyl chitin-glucan (CM-CG) was prepared from the mycelium of Aspergillus niger, and its ability to stimulate macrophages was assessed and compared to that of the previously studied carboxymethylated glucan (CMG) from the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It was demonstrated that single(More)
The views of specialists on these matters are inconsistent and even contradictory. For instance, the most widely held view at present is that during hemorrhage, irrespective of the genesis of hemophthalmia, the vitreous body becomes permeated with blood [3, 4, 7, 9, i0]. Meanwhile many clinical and morphological facts point to the presence of a limited(More)