Elena Dzhambazova

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The claustrum is a telencephalic nucleus located ventrolateral to the basal ganglia in the mammalian brain. It has an extensive reciprocal connectivity with most if not all of the cerebral cortex, in particular, primary sensory areas. However, despite renewed and growing interest amongst investigators, there remains a paucity of data concerning its(More)
PURPOSE: According literature data the animal's response to stress depends not only upon the state and conditions of the animal but also upon the nature of the stressor itself. It is known that stress have wide-ranging effects on neuroendocrine, autonomic, immune, and hormonal function. Different research groups have shown induction of acute physical stress(More)
Using the nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate-diaphorase (NADPH-d) reaction with nitroblue tetrazolium, we provided a detailed investigation of the distribution, dimensional characteristics and morphology of NADPH-d-positive neurons in the three main subdivisions of the human inferior colliculus (IC): central nucleus, pericentral nucleus, and(More)
PURPOSE: Pain transmission involves dynamic and interactive peripheral and central nervous system events and gonadal hormones have been demonstrated to interact with these systems at multiple levels. Estrogens have widespread effects throughout the CNS. Considerable evidence in the literature indicates that they modulate neural circuits known to participate(More)
PURPOSE: Endogenous gonadal steroids have many effects on the brain throughout the lifespan, beginning during gestation and continuing into senescence. There are data that they seem to play an important role in the open field behavior in adult rodents. The possible influence of the gonadal steroids on sex related determination of brain and behavior during(More)
Endogenous opioid peptides take part in various functions as hormones or neuromodulators. In 1979, Takagi and his co-workers identified a new morphine-like substance-" kyotorphin " (Kyo)-a dipeptide synthesized in specific brain regions. The highest levels were found in the lower brain stem and dorsal spinal cord-areas closely associated with the pain(More)
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