Elena Dzhambazova

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Endogenous opioid peptides take part in various functions as hormones or neuromodulators. In 1979, Takagi and his co-workers identified a new morphine-like substance “kyotorphin” (Kyo) a dipeptide synthesized in specific brain regions. The highest levels were found in the lower brain stem and dorsal spinal cord areas closely associated with the pain(More)
The synthesis and the effect of a novel MIF-1 analogue on nociception during acute pain in rat model are reported. The synthesis of this enantiopure trifluoromethyl group containing tripeptide was performed through a peptide coupling reaction between the HCl. Leu-Gly-NH2 and the (S)-α-Tfm-proline. The analgesic effect of the CF3-(MIF-1) 2 has been evaluated(More)
The claustrum is a telencephalic nucleus located ventrolateral to the basal ganglia in the mammalian brain. It has an extensive reciprocal connectivity with most if not all of the cerebral cortex, in particular, primary sensory areas. However, despite renewed and growing interest amongst investigators, there remains a paucity of data concerning its(More)
PURPOSE: According literature data the animal's response to stress depends not only upon the state and conditions of the animal but also upon the nature of the stressor itself. It is known that stress have wideranging effects on neuroendocrine, autonomic, immune, and hormonal function. Different research groups have shown induction of acute physical stress(More)
Address for correspondence: Boycho Landzhov Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, Medical University of Sofia, 2 Zdrave Str, Sofia, Bulgaria Tel.: 02/9172608, 02/9172601; e-mail: landzhov_medac@abv.bg INTRODUCTION Stress can be described as an organism’s response to any influence exerted by environmental or endogenous factors that disrupt(More)
We compared the distribution, density and morphological characteristics of nitric oxide synthase-immunoreactive (NOS-ir) neurons in the rat and human claustrum. These neurons were categorized by diameter into three main types: large, medium and small. In the human claustrum, large neurons ranged from 26 to 40μm in diameter, medium neurons from 20 to 25μm(More)
UNLABELLED Osteoporosis is a disease that have a great impact upon health and well being amongst the elderly population worldwide. Bone mineral density /BMD/ is currently the most powerful and worldwide accepted determinant for the future risk of fractures. AIM To investigate and evaluate the values of the BMD of the spine /L2-L4/in anterior-posterior(More)
Using the nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate-diaphorase (NADPH-d) reaction with nitroblue tetrazolium, we provided a detailed investigation of the distribution, dimensional characteristics and morphology of NADPH-d-positive neurons in the three main subdivisions of the human inferior colliculus (IC): central nucleus, pericentral nucleus, and(More)
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