Elena Dubrova

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This paper addresses the problem of finding attractors in synchronous Boolean networks. The existing Boolean decision diagram-based algorithms have limited capacity due to the excessive memory requirements of decision diagrams. The simulation-based algorithms can be applied to larger networks, however, they are incomplete. We present an algorithm, which(More)
Conventional nonlinear feedback shift registers (NLFSRs) use the Fibonacci configuration in which the feedback is applied to the last bit only. In this paper, we show how to transform a Fibonacci NLFSR into an equivalent NLFSR in the Galois configuration, in which the feedback can be applied to every bit. Such a transformation can potentially reduce the(More)
Three-level logic is shown to have a potential for reduction of the area over twolevel implementations, as well as for a gain in speed over multi-level implementations. In this paper we present an heuristic algorithm, AOXMIN-MV, targeting a three-level logic expression which is an XOR of two sum-of-products. For some practical functions, such an AND-OR-XOR(More)