Elena Dellambra

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In human epidermal keratinocytes, replicative senescence, is determined by a progressive decline of clonogenic and dividing cells. Its timing is controlled by clonal evolution, that is, by the continuous transition from stem cells to transient amplifying cells. We now report that downregulation of 14-3-3sigma, which is specifically expressed in human(More)
The intrinsic signal(s) responsible for the onset of human keratinocyte terminal differentiation is not yet fully understood. Evidence has been recently accumulated linking the phospholipase-mediated activation of protein kinase C to the coordinate changes in gene expression occurring during keratinocyte terminal differentiation. Here we report the(More)
UNLABELLED Anti-inflammatory and skin tumour preventing effects of resveratrol have been extensively studied pre-clinically and resveratrol has been proposed for clinical investigations. To provide a basis or/and limitations for topical administration to human skin, molecular mechanisms underlying resveratrol effects towards normal human epidermal(More)
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