Elena Degoli

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Silicon photonics meets the electronics requirement of increased speed and bandwidth with on-chip optical networks. All-optical data management requires nonlinear silicon photonics. In silicon only third-order optical nonlinearities are present owing to its crystalline inversion symmetry. Introducing a second-order nonlinearity into silicon photonics by(More)
Silicon nanocrystals (Si-nc) embedded in SiO2 matrix have been prepared by high temperature thermal annealing (1000-1250 degrees C) of substoichiometric SiOx films deposited by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD). Different techniques have been used to examine the optical and structural properties of Si-nc. Transmission electron microscopy(More)
Starting from experimental findings and interface growth problems in Si/Ge superlattices, we have investigated through ab initio methods the concurrent and competitive behavior of strain and defects in the second-harmonic generation process. Interpreting the second-harmonic intensities as a function of the different nature and percentage of defects together(More)
Total energy calculations within the Density Functional Theory have been carried out in order to investigate the structural, electronic, and optical properties of un-doped and doped silicon nanostructures of different size and different surface terminations. In particular the effects induced by the creation of an electron-hole pair on the properties of(More)
Colloidal nanocrystals electronic energy levels are determined by strong size-dependent quantum confinement. Understanding the configuration of the energy levels of nanocrystal superlattices is vital in order to use them in heterostructures with other materials. A powerful method is reported to determine the energy levels of PbS nanocrystal assemblies by(More)
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