Elena De Santis

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The notion of observability and detectability for a particular class of hybrid systems, linear continuous-time switching systems, is investigated. We compare some of the definitions of observability previously offered and we analyze their drawbacks. A novel definition of observability is proposed corresponding to the possibility of reconstructing the state(More)
In this paper we study switching systems, a subclass of hybrid systems, and we address different positivity questions: we analyze systems where state variables evolve while remaining non–negative independently from the control chosen and external events actions (systems in this class are usually called positive systems), and systems where a control strategy(More)
— Given a pair of linear switching systems, we study conditions that ensure the observability of internal variables arising in the input–output interconnection of the switching systems on the basis of the knowledge of input and hybrid output of the interconnected system. Some sufficient and necessary conditions are provided for the reconstruction of hybrid(More)
We present a novel observability notion for switching systems that model safety–critical systems, where a set of states – called critical states – must be detected within a prescribed delay since they correspond to hazards that may yield catastrophic events. Some sufficient and some necessary conditions for critical ob-servability are derived. An observer(More)
This report is the second deliverable D7.2 of Work Package WP7 of the HYBRIDGE Project. The main contributions of D7.2 is a review of the concept of observability for hybrid systems and the presentation of a new approach to observability and observer design for hybrid systems. The …rst part of the report deals with a formal de…nition of hybrid system that(More)
We address the idle speed control problem in automotive electronics using hybrid methods to derive a digital control law with guaranteed properties. Associating a switching system with the hybrid system that describes the engine operation is crucial to developing a computationally feasible approach. For switching systems with minimum and maximum dwell times(More)