Elena De Angelis

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Responses both to hyperosmotic stress and to heat shock were compared in 3T3 cells, spontaneously transformed cells (ST3T3) and simian virus 40-transformed cells (SV3T3). Cell adaptation to these stresses was measured in terms of surviving cell viability and plating efficiency, while their induced synthesis of stress proteins was monitored in terms of the(More)
This paper provides a survey of mathematical models and methods dealing with the analysis and simulation of tumor dynamics in competition with the immune system. The characteristic scales of the phenomena are identified and the mathematical literature on models and problems developed on each scale is reviewed and critically analyzed. Moreover, this paper(More)
This paper deals with the qualitative analysis of a model describing the competition between tumor and immune cells. Such competition is characterized by proliferation–destruction phenomena and the interacting entities are characterized by a microscopic state which is modified by interactions. The model also includes the description of the natural trend of(More)
This paper deals with the qualitative analysis of a model related to the immune response to the evolution of the progression of endothe-lial cells which have lost their differentiation and start their evolution toward methastatic states. We prove the existence of solutions to the Cauchy problem related to the model. The asymptotic behavior in time of our(More)
Porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) vaccination represents an important measure to cope with PCV2 infection; however, data regarding the modulation of the immune cell compartment are still limited, especially under field conditions. This study is aimed at investigating the features of the cellular immune response in conventional piglets induced by vaccination(More)
This paper deals with the qualitative analysis of a model related to the description of two medical therapies which have been intensively developed in recent years. In particular, we refer to the modeling of the actions applied by proteins, to activate the immune defense, and to the control of angiogenesis, to contrast the growth of tumour cells by(More)