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Rhodococcus opacus R7 is a Gram-positive bacterium isolated from a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon contaminated soil for its versatile metabolism; indeed the strain is able to grow on naphthalene, o-xylene, and several long- and medium-chain n-alkanes. In this work we determined the degradation of n-alkanes in Rhodococcus opacus R7 in presence of n-(More)
In this paper comparative genome and phenotype microarray analyses of Rhodococcus sp. BCP1 and Rhodococcus opacus R7 were performed. Rhodococcus sp. BCP1 was selected for its ability to grow on short-chain n-alkanes and R. opacus R7 was isolated for its ability to grow on naphthalene and on o-xylene. Results of genome comparison, including BCP1, R7, along(More)
Due to the rapid increase of waste vulcanized rubber products, the development of low-cost, efficient, and selective devulcanization processes is needed. In this paper, the devulcanization ability of Gordonia desulfuricans DSM 44462T was evaluated by a design of experiments. The aim of the experimental design was to investigate the importance of parameters(More)
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