Elena Cojocaru

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Currently, the deciphering of the signaling pathways brings about new advances in the understanding of the pathogenic mechanism of ovarian carcinogenesis, which is based on the interaction of several molecules with different biochemical structure that, consequently, intervene in cell metabolism, through their role as regulators in proliferation,(More)
INTRODUCTION Even if the reactive oxygen species were discovered, described and detailed a long time ago, there is still little data about the mechanisms of oxidative stress, their tissular effects and about an efficient antioxidant strategy, involving animal experimental models. It has been shown that the lung is one of the most exposed organs to the(More)
—Simple normalized dispersion relations for transverse magnetic (T M) and transverse electric (T E) propagating modes in parallel-plate waveguides filled with DPS/DPS or DNG/DNG, and DNG/DPS bilayers are presented. The evanescent T E 0 mode of the waveguide filled with a DNG/DPS bilayer is characterized also by a simple normalized dispersion relation. Since(More)
The adrenal glands are known to be a real " barometer " , very sensitive, they are not used used for perception because at the same time they promptly reacts to the different forms of stress with which the entirely organism is confronted. The massive cathecolamin discharges from adrenal glands have the direct intervention on the nervous system, on the(More)
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