Elena Castro-Martínez

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Future political priorities for science and technology (S&T) policy formulation usually rest on a rather simplistic interpretation of past events. This can lead to serious errors and distortions and can negatively affect the innovation system. In this article we try to highlight the riskiness involved in policy making based on traditional R&D indicators and(More)
INTRODUCTION Paraneoplastic syndromes can be defined as manifestations in distant places of tumors or metastasis, which are not related with tumoral growth. Most of these syndromes are caused by substances secreted by the tumor, that mimic natural hormones, or interfere with plasma proteins. DEVELOPMENT The rate of paraneoplastic syndromes with(More)
This study analyzes the characteristics of knowledge transfer in the Social Sciences and the Humanities in the Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC). CSIC is the largest public sector research organization in the country and has a substantial set of activities in the Social Sciences and Humanities. We analyze the variety of users and beneficiaries(More)
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