Elena Carmen Niculescu

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The output signals of the rotary incremental encoder are used for motion sense discrimination, angular displacement and rotational speed measurement of the encoder shaft. The angular displacement can be measured with different resolutions. This paper presents an experimental system that enables the study of the rotary incremental encoder: working modes and(More)
Recorded information about transmission system faults or disturbances is essential for determining the performance of system components and to analyze the nature and cause of a disturbance in energetics. The systems for disturbance recording perform the monitoring and analysis of different events specific to energetic systems. The root-mean-square (RMS)(More)
The paper compares some new methods for coded modulation constructions using multilevel codes obtained by combining channel coding and digital modulation. As reference examples are presented schemes based on phase shift keying. The comparison parameter is the bit error rate and consequently structures for optimal receivers are discussed. In particular it is(More)
The resulted cold laminated aluminum foil is rolled in bales; the foil is then unrolled and rewound in rolls with some imposed parameters: the exterior diameter of the roll, the length and mass of the rewound foil. These parameters must be measured with imposed precision and during the technological process. The paper presents a measurement method that(More)
We are presenting the case of a 19-day-old newborn with HIV-seropositive mother, under antiretroviral treatment since birth, who is admitted in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) of the 1st Pediatric Clinic at the Emergency County University Hospital in Craiova, Romania, in critical general condition, with severe respiratory insufficiency. The examination of the(More)
Prenatal development of the human brain from undifferentiated neuroepithelium, crosses numerous steps towards primordial organization and subsequent cytoarchitectural layering, ascending and progressive from the lower cortical layers to the superior ones. Our study represents a systematic, comparative assessment of imaging studies and the histological(More)
An approach of the worst case analysis of the analog electronic circuits based on the circuit description in parameter space is proposed. A DC, AC or transient worst-case analysis can be performed only testing the circuit for the vertices of a polytope in conjunction with a circuit simulator or computational environment. In order to validate and show the(More)