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This contribution details the synthesis and chemical/physical characterization of a series of unconventional twisted pi-electron system electro-optic (EO) chromophores. Crystallographic analysis of these chromophores reveals large ring-ring dihedral twist angles (80-89 degrees) and a highly charge-separated zwitterionic structure dominating the ground(More)
Thermally robust materials of the M(5-X-pyrimidin-2-olate)2 type [M = Co, X = Cl (1(Cl)), X = Br (1(Br)), X = I (1(I)); M = Zn, X = Cl (2(Cl)), X = Br (2(Br)), X = I (2(I))] have been synthesized. Their X-ray powder diffraction structural characterization has revealed that they crystallize as I2d diamondoid frameworks, isomorphous to those of the pristine(More)
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