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The aim of this article is the formalization of inflection process for the Romanian language using the model of P systems with cooperative string replication rules, which will make it possible to automatically build the morphological lexicons as a base for different linguistic applications.
Ambient calculus is a theory which deals with mobile computing and computation and encompasses such notions as mobile agents, the ambients where the agents interact and the mobility of the ambients themselves. P systems is a formalism which abstracts from the structure and functioning of living cells and describes distributed parallel computing devices with(More)
This article describes the Romanian lexical resources containing morphological data and dictionaries: synonyms, The inflection process at the creation of morphological resources based on the functional grammar with scattered context is considered. An arbitrary word is inflected knowing only its part of speech, and the gender for nouns. New words were(More)
In this paper we propose a new approach to express the components of continuous-time P systems throughout the components of descriptive rewriting timed Petri nets. We introduce the notion of macronode, which maps a subnet, to modify dynamically the rewriting timed Petri nets structure. A macronode is specified by a marking-controlled descriptive expression.(More)
Evolution of the informatization notion (which assumes automation of majority of human activities applying computers, computer networks, information technologies) towards the notion of Global Information Society (GIS) challenges the determination of new paradigms of society: automation and intellectualization of production, new level of education and(More)