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In this paper I discuss some ideas for the analysis and interpretation of the Russian Dative Impersonal Reflexive Construction (DIRC) in (1), which contrasts with the regular active version in (2). (1) mne ne çitaetsja 1 (2) ja ne çitaju me:Dat not read:3sgPRES.RFL I:Nom not read:1sgPRES " I don't read / I'm not reading " The main characteristics of DIRC in(More)
We present the results of two studies of the use of spatial reference frames in speakers of 11 linguistic varieties. A series of mixed-models linear regression analyses of the responses to a referential communication task shows the significant factors in predicting frame use to be the participants' first and second-language, their literacy, the local(More)
ii To my loving parents and sisters. iii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS First and foremost, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my research adviser and mentor, Professor Charles A. Bouman, for granting me the honor of working under his direction. His priceless guidance and commitment have helped me face challenging research problems with confidence,(More)
Yelin, Boris. M.A., Purdue University, May 2014. The case of capaz in Argentina: an epistemic adverb with mood variability. Major Professor: Lori Czerwionka. This thesis examines mood selection in Argentine Spanish with epistemic adverbs considering the independent variables of certainty, temporal reference, and epistemic adverb. It is the first known study(More)
This is to certify that the thesis/dissertation prepared By Entitled For the degree of Is approved by the final examining committee: Chair To the best of my knowledge and as understood by the student in the Research Integrity and Copyright Disclaimer (Graduate School Form 20), this thesis/dissertation adheres to the provisions of Purdue University's "(More)
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