Elena Becker-Barroso

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EphAs and ephrinAs are expressed in multiple areas of the developing brain in overlapping countergradients, notably in the retina and tectum. Here they are involved in targeting retinal axons to their correct topographic position in the tectum. We have used truncated versions of EphA3, single–amino acid point mutants of ephrinA5 and fluorescence resonance(More)
Toward understanding topographically specific branching of retinal axons in their target area, we have studied the interaction between neurotrophin receptors and members of the Eph family. TrkB and its ligand BDNF are uniformly expressed in the retina and tectum, respectively, and exert a branch-promoting activity, whereas EphAs and ephrinAs are expressed(More)
89 EDITORIAL Thanks to Our Peer-Reviewers in 2016 The editor would like to acknowledge all those peer-reviewers who have generously dedicated their time during the year 2016 to this journal. The following individuals have reviewed the submitted manuscripts to Iranian Journal of Immunology and their critical comments and helpful suggestions have played a(More)
www.thelancet.com Vol 386 October 10, 2015 1431 On Oct 5, 2015, we launch the fi rst 45 disease-specifi c pages of a major new online initiative involving all Lancet journals that will bring together an overview Seminar and relevant Reviews, Clinical Series, Commissions, research, Case Reports, and Clinical Pictures. Over the next 18 months or so when The(More)
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