Elena Bautu

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The problem we tackle concerns forecasting time series in financial markets. AutoRegressive Moving-Average (ARMA) methods and computational intelligence have also been used to tackle this problem. We propose a novel method for time series forecasting based on a hybrid combination of ARMA and Gene Expression Programming (GEP) induced models. Time series from(More)
— The paper proposes a hypernetwork-based method for stock market prediction through a binary time series problem. Hypernetworks are a random hypergraph structure of higher-order probabilistic relations of data. The problem we tackle concerns the prediction of price movements (up/down) on stock markets. Compared to previous approaches, the proposed method(More)
—Forecasting applications on the stock market attract much interest from researchers in the artificial intelligence field. The problem tackled in this study concerns predicting the direction of change of stock price indices, formulated in terms of binary classification. We use gene expression programming to evolve pools of binary classifiers and investigate(More)