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d-kyotorphin (d-Kyo) is a synthetic analogue of the neuropeptide kyotorphin and produces naloxone reversible analgesia. Stress-induced analgesia (SIA) is an in-built mammalian pain-suppression response that occurs during or following exposure to a stressful stimulus. The periaqueductal gray (PAG) is implicated as a critical site for processing strategies(More)
1. Studies, using a wide variety of stressors, have clearly indicated that the pattern of neuroendocrine response is dependent upon the stress stimulus applied. 2. The Tyr-MIF-1 family of peptides (Tyr-MIF-1s) includes MIF-1, Tyr-MIF-1, Tyr-W-MIF-1 and Tyr-K-MIF-1. These neuropeptides, neuromodulators are able to inhibit the expression of some forms of(More)
Endogenous opioid peptides take part in various functions as hormones or neuromodulators. In 1979, Takagi and his co-workers identified a new morphine-like substance-" kyotorphin " (Kyo)-a dipeptide synthesized in specific brain regions. The highest levels were found in the lower brain stem and dorsal spinal cord-areas closely associated with the pain(More)
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