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The effects of phosphate depletion on magnesium (Mg) homeostasis were evaluated in rats fed a diet containing 0.03% phosphorus for periods up to 8 wk. Plasma phosphorus fell significantly (P < 0.01) from 10.1+/-0.27 (SE) to 5.0+/-0.54 mg/100 ml within 1 day and continued to fall gradually to a level of 1.2+/-0.21 mg/100 ml by the end of the 8th wk. A(More)
This paper proposes a new nanoscopic molecular movable gate-like functional hybrid system consisting of nanoscopic MCM-41-based material functionalized onto pore outlets with a saccharide derivative capable of interacting with boronic acid functionalized gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) acting as nanoscopic caps. The gating mechanism involves the reversible(More)
The synthesis of new capped silica mesoporous nanoparticles for on-command delivery applications is described. The gate-like functional hybrid systems consisted of nanoscopic MCM-41-based materials functionalized on the pore outlets with different "saccharide" derivatives and a dye contained in the mesopores. A series of hydrolyzed starch products as(More)
Multidisciplinary research at the forefront of the field of hybrid materials has paved the way to the development of endless examples of smart devices. One appealing concept in this fertile field is related to the design of gated materials. These are constructed for finely tuning the delivery of chemical or biochemical species from voids of porous supports(More)
We report the development of an MCM-41 mesoporous support that is functionalised with saccharides at the pore outlets and contains the dye [Ru(bipy)(3)](2+) in the pores (solid S1; bipy = 2,2'-bipyridyl). For this hybrid system, the inhibition of mass transport of the dye from the pore voids to the bulk solution in the presence of borate is demonstrated in(More)
We report herein the design of a smart delivery system in which cargo delivery from capped mesoporous silica (MS) nanoparticles is controlled by an integrated enzyme-based "control unit". The system consists of Janus-type nanoparticles having opposing Au and MS faces, functionalized with a pH-responsive β-cyclodextrin-based supramolecular nanovalve on the(More)
Mesoporous solids functionalized with anion-binding groups have proved to be suitable anion hosts and have been used in selective colorimetric displacement assays. The material UVM-7, a mesoporous MCM41-type support characterized by the presence of nanometric mesoporous particle conglomerates, was selected as inorganic scaffolding. Reaction of the(More)