Elena Aznar

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The development of nanoscopic hybrid materials equipped with " molecular gates " showing the ability of releasing target entrapped guests upon the application of an external trigger has attracted great attention and has been extensively explored during recent years. [1] These nanodevices are composed of two subunits, namely, a suitable support and certain(More)
Studies relating chronic otitis media and language disorders in children have not reported consistent findings. We carried out the first selective study aimed at discerning the role of chronic right otitis media in children less than 3 years of age in language development. A total of 35 children were studied using a full linguistic protocol, auditory(More)
Within nanotechnology, gold and silver nanostructures have unique physical, chemical, and electronic properties [1,2], which make them suitable for a number of applications. Moreover, biosynthetic methods are considered to be a safer alternative to conventional physicochemical procedures for both the environmental and biomedical applications, due to their(More)
Silica mesoporous supports (SMSs) have a large specific surface area and volume and are particularly exciting vehicles for delivery applications. Such container-like structures can be loaded with numerous different chemical substances, such as drugs and reporters. Gated systems also contain addressable functions at openings of voids, and cargo delivery can(More)
Fusarium species are increasingly implicated in opportunist human infections, such as sinusitis, pneumonia, endophthalmitis, cutaneous infections, peritonitis, osteomyelitis, cerebral abscesses, endocarditis, cystitis, and disseminated disease , particularly in immunodepressed patients. Although fungi are rarely a cause of peritonitis, Candida albicans(More)
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